Hope springs eternal

my rhubarb has made it through the winter!

You have no idea how good that makes me feel


About justanothersnowflake

I never know what to write on these things or what people will want to know about me, so just ask if I'm too vague! I love life and try to enjoy every day I can. In 2012 I was diagnosed with MS and since then have been trying to manage my life and my MS without letting it take me over. I try and spend as much time as I can outdoors, I love the countryside and fishing and soon I hope to add chickens to our family.
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2 Responses to Hope springs eternal

  1. Yay! That’s fab and great minds think alike I’ve just posted a picture of my rhubarb on facebook https://m.facebook.com/thecutecraftytoad?ref=bookmark hopefully the link works (shameless plug 😜)


  2. Dimphne says:

    Shameless! 😉
    I thought digging it up in April last year had killed it off, but if it can survive winter then it must be a good one!


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