peas rather than beans

I’ve not quite had the success I was hoping for, half a pound,but that’s half a pound less than a week ago.

half a bean!

half a bean!

So beans have moved but I’m using a pea instead for the jar, well a mung bean to be precise. But in a way its still a good thing if it keeps me focused.

In fact while I had the bag of mung beans out, I decided to try sprouting some along with a few lentils too. I’m not quite sure how they will do, but I love to give these things a go. Sprouted lentils and beans are apparently high in vitamin c amongst other goodies, and just a tasty protein and carb addition to what can sometimes be a boring salad. It also neutralises phytic acid which stops the body from absorbing other nutrients like Iron, something that I’ve always had a low threshold for anyway. Its really easy to do, soak them over night an leave them somewhere to sprout, even I can do that!

multi coloured sprouts

multi coloured sprouts

There’s also recipes for using the sprouts too like this wheat bread

At least my mushrooms are blooming though…




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I never know what to write on these things or what people will want to know about me, so just ask if I'm too vague! I love life and try to enjoy every day I can. In 2012 I was diagnosed with MS and since then have been trying to manage my life and my MS without letting it take me over. I try and spend as much time as I can outdoors, I love the countryside and fishing and soon I hope to add chickens to our family.
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