The long and the short of it

Never did I think that I would write a blog, life seems so hectic and the times I have to sit and write may be few and far between at times yet I have the inspiration to start.

Why do I want to write? Well to be honest I don’t really know other than to motivate me to make myself achieve those personal challenges you always seem to keep to yourself and then never quite achieve. And yes, a good friend of mine started and if its good enough for her then why not for me!

Like everyone I have many things going on and things I want to achieve but most of all I want to make myself as well as I can be. So feel free at any point to point me in the right direction or remind me of what I am doing and lets always, always remember to smile and enjoy every moment we can.

So lets see where this journey takes us, my current quest is since I realised that I am turning into Bridget Jones I might as well write like her too. Yes I want to loose weight, I lost 3 stone over a few years but last year fell back into my old, bad ways and now its time for me to take control of things again.

Tomorrow is always another day, but lets make today count too.


About justanothersnowflake

I never know what to write on these things or what people will want to know about me, so just ask if I'm too vague! I love life and try to enjoy every day I can. In 2012 I was diagnosed with MS and since then have been trying to manage my life and my MS without letting it take me over. I try and spend as much time as I can outdoors, I love the countryside and fishing and soon I hope to add chickens to our family.
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  1. Welcome to the world of the blog little snowflake!


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