Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So please tell me what a wrinkle comb is!?

Daft sounding I know, that’s what I thought any way. Its my birthday coming up and I thought, time to treat me to a little pamper so was looking for a salon in the area I’ve moved to and learnt that there is a real thing called a wrinkle comb!

Sounds painful to me!

I’ve been working long days both at work and at home so a pamper is in order, but I have limits!

I have a new boss at work who is asking us all about our training needs. He wants some of us trained to used chainsaws again, which I have done in the past. He was a little surprised that I was keen given my limitations but admitted I had him cornered on two counts. If he says no he can be seen to discriminate because I have a disability and because I’m a woman.

Lady Trap!

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

Maybe I should offer him a wrinkle comb after the stress I’m giving him πŸ™‚

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the spirit of the 40’s

As some of you will know, this weekend has marked the 70th Anniversary of VE day,a truly memorable event in world history. I’ve always been quite passionate about marking these occasions and this weekend I’ve had the bunting out in style!

My month (or two) of paying little or no attention to my health and diet have perhaps caught up with me. I may be wrong but I’m sure that I feel like things are a lot harder from day to day when I’m eating junk.

So in the true spirit of the 1940’s I’m going to do what some others have done and follow the ration book challenge! Hopefully convincing his Lordship that lentils are good and we don’t need cheese. Its the sweet things I think we will both miss!

I’ve been reading Marguerite Patten’s ‘We’ll Eat Again’ and coming up with exciting ideas for the household such as Mince slices and Woolton Pie. Its basically, spuds, veg and dried beans which became more popular when rationing really hit.

I’m looking forward to it, but I wonder if a diet of cabbage, lentils and root veg is going to be quite so good for sanity!

Thankfully life has calmed down a lot since the big move and we are now out walking a bit in the evenings when the weather permits. Either that or watching the lambs grow and play. Who knows what the next chapter will bring but I know that I’m playing at this, but people during the war lived like this because they had no choice and 70 years ago when peace was declared the relief must have been huge.

VE Day

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I can’t believe how long it is since I last blogged!

So in a nut shell here is my life.

We’ve finished *almost* the rennovation of the new house and moved in.

I’m now living in a world of boxes and not seen TV for over a month, heaven!

His lordship is currently putting together a super king size bed frame for us to sleep on which will be heaven after sleeping in the mats from the camper van for two weeks.

I’ve lived off junk food for far too long so am very glad to have lost the bathroom scales. Glad to be cooking again now as all that salt and sugar hasn’t helped my health.

I’ve also worked with as a staff member not a punter, the MS Society which was great but also a read head mess as it made me face up to some of the possibilities for me and my health. It made me smile when a couple who were physically worse off than me felt sorry for me and my plight!

And I can’t remember where I am up to with my rebif. I think I’m on my leg tonight, but to be honest it could be anywhere!

I am enjoying watching lambs grow up outside my house and not hearing traffic.

And tomorrow, joy of joys, I have a day off.

Life is good!

first cup of tea πŸ™‚


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legions of leisions

There are many things to do with MS that can make life tricky. Each day when I wake up I run a full system check. Usually for me its the degree of numbness from my right big toe emanating up my right leg. At its worst it is pretty much from my midrift down. Today its pretty calm.

Other days I get what I call shaky dog leg syndrome. You know when you see an old dog struggling to stand and its legs are all visibly wobbly? Well that’s me. In fact that’s todays treat, for me. When its really bad my legs feel like they are made of lead and i trip over everything, my own shadow included.

Some days are just total MSsy days. When i was diagnosed with MS I saw my MRI scans, which shocked me. my brain looks like a swiss cheese!

Basically for those who don’t know about MS, my immune system is pretty good, pretty good that is until something comes along to wind it up. Then it just doesn’t know where to stop and that’s where the damage to the myelin sheath on the nerves begins. When it gets really carried away the damage crosses the blood/brain barrier and pretty much eats away at bits of my brain. Or at least that’s what it looks like on the scans.Brings a whole new meaning to dark matter.


my brain!

I found this blog a very interesting read and shows the damage pretty well.

Sadly for me this has not only caused me MSsy problems but following a routine check up last year my neurologist told me that I had epilepsy. Well actually he sauntered out of the room to get his prescription pad saying you can take these pills for your epilepsy. ‘What epilepsy?!’ I asked. And that was it, yet another thing to deal with and such a casual diagnosis totally out of the blue.

I much prefer its correct title though, complex partial seizures. I don’t fit, I don’t have absences so I feel very lucky, I am just a total space cadet. I can talk sometimes with it, I can even do a tesco shop, but don’t expect me to be helpful or make any logical sense.

And its all thanks to my lesions. I have a sort of short circuit in my frontal lobes which cause it so on the most MSsy days it can be really hard work.

I follow the MS Society and MS Trust on Facebook a lot for ideas and inspiration. I found out about the MS register through them too. If you have MS please sign up to this, the more information they have the more that can be done to help us eventually.

I still know I’m lucky on the grand scheme of things, I also know to watch out for swiss cheese eating mice too!

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smells a bit fishy to me!

Actually it smells of vanilla, but it doesn’t quite sound the same! There is a corner of the living room at the new house that every now and again smells of vanilla, just a faint whiff, but it’s there none the less. Better than what the house used to smell of when it was damp and mouldy!

Today’s adventure involved fitting the last of the wall units, hurrah!

We are onto doors and door handles now. Word to the wise, if you are from the U.K. don’t buy B&Q stuff, it’s all is the most illogical and badly put together systems. 76mm between holes on the door handles to drill and screw if you want a well balanced kitchen. I can see where this is going!

Tomorrow a lovely electrician is coming to move a light switch for us so that we don’t have to put the switch under the cupboard and quite possibly we might get the tiling done. I say might, because his Lordship managed to cut through some hard board onto the work top so either I have to live with it scratched or its two weeks before we can replaced it. At Β£84 a work top, I guess I can live with it!

and now its time to sit in front of the fire!


I’m so glad that this project is coming to an end, I am totally worn out. I usually can find a balance with work/home/MS but right now its all building up. I’ll be ready for a good long sleep when we move in. The thing I don’t understand though is this: I suffer from chronic fatigue with my MS, at times it gets hard to cope with but generally I can find a balance. I wake tired and stay tired all day but can’t sleep if I nap in the afternoon and don’t feel rested so go to bed at a sort of normal time, whatever that is. So tell me why if I am so tired am I wide awake a dawn!?

I must have been a sparrow in a former life

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Ive been a bit quiet on the bloggig front due to house renovation stress and the fact I have to move on Wednesday. 

But today, this glorious day, I can report that we have water, we have a functioning bathroom and a kitchen sink. 

So happy!


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30 days in a flash!

Where has it gone?!

I know I’ve not been the worlds greatest blogger and not been the best at doing my home work. I’m in the throws of the home renovation from hell, moving in to it next week and just had my foster son home for his first weekend so crazy stuff going on never mind tweaking my image. Like I’ve ever been good at that!

I’ve enjoyed my 30 days of blogging school! But I know I need more practice.

In my next 30 days I hope for some more tweaking but most of all, get moved in!

In the future who knows! I’m not going to promise to write three posts a week, knowing things right now, it might be a little ambitious but please stick with me, my tales of adventure I’m sure will continue.

Today its a thrill a minute, doctors followed by shopping and then redelivery of foster son to the army. And later?


Tomorrow is another day though, back to the house, keep your fingers crossed for me as its time to turn the water on!



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Friday at the Ritz?

Not me!

I’m making curtains at my office desk!

I know how to live πŸ˜‰



I did see the eclipse this morning though so happy days again πŸ™‚


Happy weekend all!

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Not a place I’d rather be!

not today anyway!

The saga of the house continues. We have two weeks to fit a kitchen, fit carpets and move in.

good looking!


All sounds ok really doesn’t it?

It would if whoever did the plumbing knew what they were doing! It’s like an apprentices first day on his own.

Now we’ve discovered that the pipe work into the bathroom is leaking into the ceiling over the kitchen. So the sink, the toilet need to come out and the flooring needs to come up.

Someone hand me the yellow pages, I need a plumber! I’ve got enough going on right now without needing more stress.


Kitchen looks good though and as for the chocolate walls of the living room, well what can I say!?!



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No place I’d rather be….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

So I’ve talked a bit about my love of nature, in fact when I say a bit, I probably have quite a lot.

That’s because its great.

However life gets in the way of fun sometimes. And for me, that’s because of the home from hell! Actually,its not a home from hell, its a very lovely home. Its just that the person who lived there before me, didn’t know how to look after it.

you have no idea just how vile this was!

The house was full of mould, damp and mildew and the bathroom…well the bathroom was just awful.

cleanliness is next to godliness!

But now, after 6 months hard work we are turning a corner.Β The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and hopefully in the coming weeks I will be living in not only a lovely location, but a house just made for me.

Hopefully in the weeks to come I can show you even more of a transformation, but for now I just remember that there really is no place like home!

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